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FOX News
Dec 20, 2012 2:00am PST
. >> it is 21 after the hour. it is supposed to make you feel better but sglzycam nasal gel i being recalled so it doesn't make you sick. bacteria was found in a sample. the recall effects lot 2 j 23 with an expiration of september 20, '15. >>> he was fired after serving in afghanistan now the postal service must pay up. rick erickson was fired when he took military leave in 2000. a judge said essoed back pay which could be up to $2 million. he has more than 30 military honors including a purple heart. ainsley? >> thanks patti ann. it is not too late to get a seasonal job. for some industries the busy season starts after the new year. >> there are three companies hiring this week cheryl casone and the fox business network. >> good morning, cheryl. >> guess what? 25 percent of engagements happen between thanksgiving and new years. >> that makes sense. >> david's bridal are hiring they will be january 1st they will do weddings customer service. they have 3,000 seasonal jobs are open. their season is really going into the spring. base pay is 7.50 an hour. you can get commission as well. there will
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1